BIG NEWS: Wellington Mayor picks and chooses in answering the “burning questions"

Friday, August 19, 2011

Wellington Mayor picks and chooses in answering the “burning questions"

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade Brown did the equivalent of a #Goffchat today at the Dominion Post. The DomPost, in advertising the event said “Got a burning question for the mayor?” I thought I’d ask a question.

The chat started at 1pm so I asked my question at 12.50pm as soon as the site opened.

It wasn’t addressed. So I got someone else to ask it. It still wasn’t answered. The Mayor was picking and choosing which questions she would answer.

So what ”burning questions” were actually answered? Questions like what the mayor’s favourite cafe is, and what her favourite TV show is. She was asked who of Hilary Clinton or Julia Gillard was hotter – actually, perhaps that is what they meant by the “burning question”.

She was asked to rank the four main centres, but didn’t – just saying Wellington was number one. She was asked what she can do about the trains running on time, she said it was the Regional Council’s responsibility.

She was asked if she regretted biking out to see Hilary Clinton at the airport, she raved on about being one of a few “cycling mayors of cities” - without naming the actual cities.

Even the Dominion Post got to ask its own question – and that was of the few serious questions that were adequately answered.

She said having American Ambassador, Swiss Ambassador and others join her on a bike to Work ride was one of her top five achievements as Mayor. Ratepayers would be wanting more than that, surely.

Perhaps I should have asked her if she mounts her cycle on the left side or the right side. I’m sure that will be a burning question for some.

She may have even answered it. I`m sure she would have said the left side.




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