Sunday, August 09, 2009

Who did you meet and by the way I saw this in the paper

Most married couples live a reasonable normal life. They go to work, come home and sometimes have tea together before putting kids to bed. They talk about their day, sometimes griping about injustices at work, and perhaps watch TV to relax. Some do part time study in the evenings.

A certain couple is different. They talk on the phone. They rarely meet or see each other. The most exciting thing they talk about appears to be who they met and what they saw in the paper.

Shallow. I'm referring to Miss Helen Clark and Mr Helen Clark.

Her ideal night is going out to the opera. She suggests a play called Ruined, which is typical really. Just what she did to New Zealand. Apparently it is an absolutely incredible and gripping (gripping?) play about sexual and gender-based violence in the Congo. She didn't take her husband, of course. She took her young grip - Darren Hughes.




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