Friday, August 28, 2009

John Key to be interviewed on Big News

Prime Minister John Key is going to sell New Zealand to the blogosphere when he is interviewed by top political blog Big News next month.

Mr Key is booked for a mid-September blog post while he is in Auckland to speak at the Family First conference .

He is a key speaker at the forum.

"It's an opportunity to promote to the blogosphere what I really think, it's gold when it comes to New Zealand from a political point of view," Mr Key said today.

"This is a blog that hundreds of people visit worldwide, it really is a Big News opportunity."

Since the election Mr Key has focused on being all things to all people, every day in every way in all areas of New Zealand all the time.

"The blogger at Big News is very keen on New Zealand politics," he said. " He was last time we met".

"I understand he spent a fair bit of time ribbing Sue Bradford about how great New Zealand parents were, so I'm sure I'll be able to reinforce her comments."

Radio New Zealand incorrectly reported Key's interview on Big News was arranged by a National Party supporter who left a comment on Key's Facebook page.

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