Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Corrupt Christian convicted criminal

In May 2008, the Dim-Post carried this
Prime Minister Helen Clark today announced an independent investigation into the independent investigation of former Labour Party MP Taito Phillip Field.

The new inquiry will investigate the Ingram inquiry and examine the inquiry’s examination of its investigation.

The terms of reference for the inquiry do not include inquiring into the narrow terms of reference for the previous inquiry.

The inquiry into the Ingram inquiry will be headed by Ingram inquiry head Noel Ingram.
The Ingram report in 2006 cleared Taito Philip Field of allegations of conflict of interest relating to his employment of Thai workers on the property in Samoa and he was also cleared of taking advantage of an indebted family whose house he bought, before selling it later for a large profit. Field had denied wrongdoing. He lied. He is now a convicted criminal as he has been found guilty of bribery and corruption.

He is the second Christian leader of a political party – assuming he is still leader of the Pacific Party - to have a public court case go against him. Helen Clark stood by him all the way. She probably knew he was corrupt.

Eddie from The Standard tries to put a helpful spin on things and it didn't really work. She wrote
Good on Clark for sacking him as a minister when the allegations first came out. Different standards back then I guess.
The problem is that Field wasn't sacked when the allegations came out. The allegations appeared on 12 September 2005. Helen Clark didn’t do anything about it until three days after the election – on 20 September. Even that wasn't a sacking. Eddieiot!

UpdatePerhaps Taito Phillip Field and Graham Capill could start a Christian political prisoners prayer group. Capill made news headlines today. Impeccable timing.

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