Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sex education for primary schools

Well, it looks like the stockings and and bananas are going to be on hand for primary schools in Britain now that sex education will be given to children as young as five in some schools in a bid to lower the teenage pregnancy rate.

That's a little bit teaching five year old males how to shave. Never mind that five year olds are not teens. Never mind that Government advice to parents that they should not tell their young teenage children that it is wrong to have sex, but encourage their children to use condoms and other contraception from the age of 13, is not working to lower teenage pregnancy rates.

Is it necessary to teach kids how to have sex before they can read and write? If so, how on earth will they be able to read the instructions on the packet of condoms?

Far better to give parents some education in bringing up kids.




Blogger José Carrilho (Go Detail) said...


They've been talking about implementing sexual education here in Portugal for at least 20 years and they are still talking about it.
They mention about giving contraceptives to teens, which I find totally ridiculous because if they find themselves responsible to have sex, they have find themselves abble to buy them on their own, instead of spending in sodas, discos, bars and so on.
Governments should worry more about doing something about education in terms of character to avoid the shameless attitudes that teens have at school, such as disrespecting teachers.

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March 15, 2009 at 2:09 PM  

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