Friday, December 12, 2008

Union lawyers create fear over new employment law

I read this media release earlier today. Three lawyers are trying to scare people into not taking jobs with employers with fewer than 20 employees in case they get sacked without reason. The lawyers say that the new Employment Relations Amendment Act exposes everyone who starts a new job in a company where there are fewer than 20 employees to the risk of being sacked without even being told the reason.

They’re wrong.

The 90 day trial period is not mandatory, so not all new employees in small businesses will be under a trial period. Furthermore, 90 days is the maximum trial period – there is no minimum. I thought to myself, do these lawyers -Helen White, Simon Mitchell and Greg Lloyd – work for unions. We know Greg Lloyd works for the National Distribution Union. The other two work for Unity Chambers. But Helen White used to work for the EPMU including work with employee grievances under the Employment Relations Act. The EPMU has organised a petition to the Governor General to ask him not to give the Act Royal Assent. The Governor General must give Royal Assent, so that’s pointless.

But what of Simon Mitchell? He specialises in acting for unions and has been counsel for the Service and Food Workers Union.

So we have three lawyers who have union connections who team up to write a scaremongering release. Now we know their backgrounds, who is surprised that they don’t want to tell the truth?

DPF raises similar points.

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