Monday, November 03, 2008

Maori Party responds to Labour's entrencement announcement

[BTW, Winston Peters will not be a minister after the election.]

Yesterday Helen Clark announced that Labour's policy is to entrench the Maori seats, when last week Maori Affairs Minister Parekura Horomia said entrenchment "wasn't necessary".

The Labour Party's stance is all about getting the Maori vote, and questions are arising whether it is signing up to policy it is not committed to. The Maori Party wants to get the Maori vote, ans so far it appears to be doing quite well with around 40% of voters on the Maori electorate indicating they will vote the Maori Party..
“The Maori Party’s view is that the Maori seats reflect the Treaty relationship in Parliament, so they are a constitutional matter, not to be abolished at the whim of any political party. Our policy is the Maori seats should have the same protection as other seats in Parliament, and entrenchment does that,” said Dr Sharples and Mrs Turia.

According to the Maori Party, the Prime Minister’s suggestions of a cosy relationship is painting a picture that’s not quite accurate.

So, will it be Haere ra Helen or Kia ora John after November 8?

update Full media release here




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