Sunday, November 30, 2008

Labour Party President Mike Williams is to resign this week

A party president’s job is to maximise the party vote at a general election. In mid 2007, Labour Party President did not believe that National had a significant coalition partner

It never needed one – because whoever gets the Maori seats on side is the government. Mike Williams badly miscued that one and he is now stepping down from the presidency . He failed to do his job. He failed to build a liaison with the Maori Party and he failed to engage his grassroots support – instead he tried to go for the rich people to give money to Labour. He also thought that a smear on John Key would be an election winner.

It was – for National. I wonder if Williams will be told to resign from the company boards he is representing the government on – a government headed by the man he tried to smear. The companies being:
Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Limited
Genesis Power Limited
Auckland Regional Transport Authority (ARTA)
Transit New Zealand
Waitakere Enterprise
New Zealand Railways Corporation (Ontrack)
North West Auckland Airport Limited




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