Tuesday, October 21, 2008

To promote the Treaty

The Maori Party wants to appoint a Treaty Commissioner specifically to promote the Treaty partnership betwen Maori and the Crown.Apparently the policy is to be announced later this week. The role envisaged is similar to the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, except that it will promote the Treaty's role in the partnership principle, particularly with regards to funding decisions.

One of the reasons the party considers that a Commissioner is necessary is that the needs of Maori are greater and need to be seen in terms of the Treaty partnership.

Any appointed commissioner would ensure that devolved services and government funding for Maori groups are funded and administered in terms of the Treaty partnership.

Does this mean that such a commissioner would ensure that any education funding, for example Kohanga Reo and Kura Kaupapa, will only be provided on condition that kids are taught about the Treaty, or will schools have to fundraise even more. One student at Owairaka school asked Helen Clark if she would give schools more money because they don't get enough. Her response:
But gala days are fun, aren't they.
Gala days may be fun, but not as much fun as wagging school. Galas don't get as much money as funding,either, thats why schools have to have full-blown fairs each year.




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