Sunday, October 12, 2008

Helen Clark's vision for New Zealand

According to the Oxford dictionary, the definition of vision is "statesmanlike foresight". Here's John Key's vision for New Zealand
My vision is for a more prosperous New Zealand, a New Zealand that delivers opportunities for everyone. A country that is safer. A country that feels more confident about itself and punches above its weight.
Now compare it to Helen Clark's vision for New Zealand.
My vision for New Zealand is for our country to be a place that offers every person who chooses to live here - and they do have a choice - all the opportunity and security in the world and to be fair and inclusive. That's it is a nutshell. So we have to offer opportunity through education, we have to offer the opportunity to work, and we have to deal with all the underpinnings of that - the health system, housing, security in old age, support for children. But we have to ensure that people of very diverse cultures and faiths and beliefs all feel that they have got a stake in New Zealand because they are fairly treated.
I wonder what others think, with reference to the Electoral Finance Act, which is hardly fair and inclusive, with reference to her comments regarding the inappropriateness of Christians in Parliament when United Future got its 2002 swag of MPs, hardly meeting her vision of being inclusive, hardly fair treatment of people of faith and hardly fair and inclusive with retards to Electoral Finance laws.

This is not foresight, therefore its not a vision.

It's a dream.

Time to wake up. We need a Prime Minister that knows what a vision is. John Key does, so it is a start. We don't need a Prime Minster that thinks dreams are visions, and a lie is the truth if you say it a lot and believe it to be so.

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Blogger Unknown said...

In this campaign we in Labour will be talking about our vision for the future of New Zealand.There are still big challenges ahead of our country. Our government must lead New Zealand through a time of international economic turmoil, the challenges of an ageing population, and the need to keep improving health and education services and our infrastructure.



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November 7, 2008 at 11:52 PM  

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