Thursday, October 16, 2008

Helen Clark thinks her voice is not deep enough

Helen Clark had a tantrum today. She is accusing John Key of, um, having a tantrum.

She said it was lucky he didn't cry on the TV debate last night and accusing him of having a tantrum.
"The fact he didn't burst out crying on the set probably counted for him," she said during a Radio Live question and answer session this morning.
Clark said Key was "completely out of control trying to shout me down".At one point Miss Clark made a comment that Mr Key may shout at home but he wouldn't shout her down.

Today she said she was not accusing him of yelling at his family.
I'm really referring to the fact that by women's voices I have a lower register by men's voices he has a higher one."
I disagree. They have pretty much an equal advantage. For a woman, Clark's voice is pretty deep. It about as deep as Georgina Beyer's voice. And at times Beyer's voice is deeper than Key's, if Key gets a bit excited.

Now we know why Clark speaks slowly and deeply on TV. It's for the "register factor".

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