Friday, October 17, 2008

Sore loser

Helen Clark is a sore loser over the TV debate. She is still smarting for losing a debate then stating Key had a telly tantrum. She said at one point " You might be used to shouting people down at home, but you're not shouting me down" - a comment interpreted by some as insinuating Key shouted at his family.

Of course, Clark has never had kids to shout down so obviously didn't have that well-rounded experience of being shouted down. But it is interesting to analyse - in a professional and fairly detached way, of course - the progression of her own analysis on the debate has progressed.
Helen Clark, immediately after the debate:
It was a good old-fashioned debate on the issues. I hope that means we’ve banished any idea that this is a bitter kind of election debate. I think people want to hear us being up front, straight on.

Helen Clark, yesterday afternoon:
Expectations were low, firstly because people hadn’t seen him in a debate before and secondly because he had a disastrous start to the campaign. So the fact he didn’t collapse with a stress attack on the set probably gave him marks.

Helen Clark: last night Last night Miss Clark said she did not think the campaign was bitter and today said she was just offering a professional analysis of how it went...... in a fairly detached way
Professional? Analysis? Detached?

Sore loser more like it.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is called being relentlessly positive.

October 16, 2008 at 3:18 PM  

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