Monday, October 06, 2008

Adrian Hilterman and suppression II

NB: This post has been updated
Following on from my last post , this story of Adrian Hilterman is disturbing. I am not allowed to tell you his occupation, but there a few things I can tell you.

The fact that we cannot reveal his occupation has infuriated his former wife, who incidentally, is a doctor who has an interest in domestic violence advocacy and support, with her favourite quote being "violence is the last refuge of the incompetent".

Hilterman was convicted of “lashing out” at her, giving her a black eye while treavelling in a car between Whakatane and Auckland, and also for kicking her in the perineal area.

Sounds a lot like what Tony Veitch did.

Deborah Hilterman told the court that one of her husband's assaults resulted in an emergency caesarean section when she was 37 weeks pregnant with their second child.

His employer has known about the abuse for a long time as it happened throughout the 10 year old marriage, sometimes up to twice a week.. His workmates knew, her workmates knew. But Hilterman had always maintained his innocence, telling the court his wife was a "nasty, vindictive, controlling woman". He told the court it was
Absolute rubbish. I have never been violent towards Deborah, if anything it's been her that has been violent towards me.
Defence counsel Paul Mabey QC said there were two sides to every story with allegations of this kind and Hilterman's defence was that he never once assaulted his wife. If that was the truth, why did the couple’s nine year old son give evidence that his dad did assault his mum. If he didn’t do anything wrong, why then did police put a restraining order on him after their marriage split up?




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