Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The PM knew Peters was lying

Winston Peters claims he never knew about any $100,000 donation from Owen Glenn until July last year. But today, Owen Glenn produced a phone log at a Privileges Committee hearing, showing he rang Mr Peters at 11:26am on December 14, 2005 and talked for six minutes and 41 seconds. Then Brian Henry sent Owen Glenn the details of his bank account to pay the hundred grand.

Whale Oil has the affidavits online here..

Peters lied to the PM and must be sacked.

Helen Clark didn't want to tell you that she knew that Peters was lying. She also didn't want you to know that she rang Mike Williams four times in one day in June this year he was on Owen Glenn's yacht trying to screw him for more money.

Owen Glenn said that Mike Williams rang him and told him in December 2005 that [video] the Labour party didn't object to Glenn giving $100,000 to NZ First. Helen Clark must have known that there was no "innocent explanation". If she knew about the donation back in December 2005 as Mike Williams told her about it, Clark, too, has lied to the country by saying she only found out about the donation earlier this year when Owen Glenn told her.

Matthew Hooten says there now seems little doubt that the Owen Glenn donations to New Zealand First were orchestrated by the highest level of the Labour Party.

That much can be said after Owen Glenn's appearance before the committee today.

This is from The Herald

Owen Glenn said Peters called and left a message on his telephone service on December 5, 2005. Glenn said he returned the call and Peters asked for financial assistance.He then checked with Labour Party president Mike Williams whether it would assist Labour, as that was his only intention.He had thought Williams would have told his colleagues.Williams took some time to get back him and Glenn assumed that this was to make sure Labour did not object.

Michael Cullen asked whether the person talked like Mr Peters usually did.Mr Glenn repeated that he was very sure. "I knew it wasn't you Dr already had your $500,000."

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