Saturday, September 06, 2008

More lies from NZ First revealed

On Wednesday I asked this, regarding the NZ First donations
I wonder how much money that should have been declared to Electoral Authorities was part of the repayment of $158,000 that was sitting in a NZ First bank account generating interest for a year before being distributed to undisclosed charities?
We got some of that answer in today's papers.The donation that spurred Winston Peters' infamous "no" press conference was $80,000, was paid last December, and went towards the $158,000 for wrongful spending at the last election. Is that what the Velas paid money to NZ First for? If so, do they have the right to ask which charities it went to? Did it actually go to charities, despite Margaret Wilson saying that she has received the names of the charities - or was that list a lie too, and Peters has misled the speaker as well?. Maybe the list of charities is a list that Peters didn't give to?

So although the $80,000 wasn't sitting in the NZ First bank account for a year, this undeclared donation has generated several thousand dollars worth of interest. Now it is generating interest of another kind, not just because it wasn't declared but because nobody seems to know who has got it now. And I believe Helen Clark knows a lot more about what went on than she has revealed to date, which is why she doesn't want to appear before the privileges committee or honestly answer these two questions.

Have you been told what charities received a total of $158,000, and do you know if they received the money?
Have you been made aware if Mike Williams approached Owen Glenn or Brian Henry with relation to financially supporting Winston Peters' petition against Bob Clarkson. If so, when, and to whom was that approach made?.

And I agree with No Minister in that Labour president Mike Williams needs to go before the privileges committee. He needs to explain Labour's involvement in getting Owen Glenn's support for Winston Peters' petition against Bob Clarkson in 2005, because Glenn gave the money to NZ First as he was a Labour supporter. He should be asked if -and when - he gave Brian Henry Owen Glenn's phone number and whether he suggested to Glenn that he give money to NZ First's petition. And Winston should be asked when he got that phone number from Brian Henry.

Honest answers will give the Serious Fraud Office something more to do and reveal systemic corruption once the ducks - Mike, Helen and Winston ( and ducklings Brian Henry and Margaret Wilson) - are in a row and the dots are joined.

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