Thursday, April 24, 2008

Will " liar" Mike Williams be replaced?

Mike WIlliams is a liar. Okay, that's not news. I have been away and have caught up with the news that Williams has publically lied about what went on at the Labour Party conference after some delegate on Labours ruling council - who so happened to be Ruth Dyson's husband - suggested that leaflets from the department Dyson oversees be used as campaign material to subvert the Electiral Finance Act - and that Williams thought that was a " damn good idea".

Should Williams be replaced by Andrew Little, who appears to be the natural replacement? He`d be replaced if he was a cabinet minister for lying several times.

If so, Little has said that he would be able to keep his role at the EPMU should he gain the Labour Party presidency. Meaning if the EPMU was permitted to register as a Third Party under the Electoral FInance Act the financial agent of a Third Party will be the president of a political party. This won`t be a good look. Is that why Andrew Little is hoping to be the Labour President after the election?

Why should the EPMU be permitted to register as a Third Party if its secretary on Labour's National council is lined up to be Labour President? Would that subsequently disqualify the " neutral" EPMU if Little was to keep both roles?




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