Monday, April 14, 2008

Labour to make third party insurance compulsory

As someone who has spent more than seven years in the Insurance industry, primarily dealing with claims, I support compulsory third party car insurance. I`ve been to Disputes Tribunals and Order of Examinations too many times to get money from errant uninsured third parties who either bump up premiums of insured people they hit or prohibit them from getting no claims bonuses. Mike Noon, the Automobile Association's motoring affairs general manager, says the plan will "demonise" young New Zealanders.

It costs $100 a year - or $200 for accident prone drivers - for third party insurance. The petrol prices demonises young people more. Third party insurance is less than most young people will spend on petrol in two weeks. Some people who oppose compulsory third party insurance need to moan a bit more about how it is compulsory to have a drivers licence to drive and compulsory to register and licence a vehicle and moan every year when the compulsory ACC levy goes up to pay for damage caused by uninsured drivers.




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