Saturday, May 03, 2008

I don't know the details honey; I just write the policy and ask for the money

This month is New Zealand Music Month and Shihad has topped the charts with Flight of the Conchords at number two. Great start. Judith Tizard was at the Matterhorn last night to promote NZ Music Month . You can see her singing with Chris Knox here. She usually has a music quiz she sends off to MPs every year, but the Dominion Post asked her some questions to test own knowledge. You can take that quiz here. Tizard got 40% correct. I got more than that.

When the reporter advised her of her success rate, she said: "I don't know the details honey, I just write the policy and ask for the money".

At least she can rhyme. She should do a rap and form a band called Judith and the Dykes. She may do better than Moana and the Ministers.

If you want to hear some good music by a Kiwi, check out Steve Hill. He's sold more recordings than just about every other Kiwi musician but betcha Judith Tizard has never heard of him. Neither has the NZ Music Commission who is responsible for NZ Music month.




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