Thursday, February 14, 2008

CYFSWatcher quits

Last week WhaleOil asked who is behind the group chucking bricks at MPs offices and linked the group - People Power - to the people behind CYFSwatch, a site that was initially closed down by Google after a death threat to an MP was posted.

It was not an unreasonable link, given that people-powernz.wordpress is of very similar name as ( which was also closed down). The current CYFSwatch site and the are hosted on the same server by the same person who tags nz onto the end of his anonymous sites as they move around to avoid detection.

There are several people behind these sites. Ironically, last week the person behind CYFSWatch understood to be poster Bryn Rodda (or one of his mates) - suddenly quit. He has denied being involved in the site, despite posting on it, providing information to the site and linking it prominently to his YouTube site. They are looking for an offshore replacement so that they wont be subject to the Electoral Finance Act - the very Act the People Power website was set up to oppose.

The name People Power is a take of the collectives other site PTTP PTTP stands for "power to the people". They think chucking bricks at MPs offices is power and they have threatened to attack NZ First's Auckland office later this month.

Finally Henk van Helmond, the man behind all the sites, says he did not know who threw the bricks at Clark's office. He has said he doesnt know them, nor has he met them - just had "contact" with htem. He says he doesnt know the people who post on his sites either - that includes Bryn Rodda. But he certainly knows a lot about the brick chucking. And he knows Bryn Rodda more than he makes out. Both have had contact with the woman who used the riding crop on her son. They`re all connected.

I know that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You "know" nothing. You are an apologist for right-wing prejudice and the old boys financial cushion. You can throw all the accusations you want around and all it will get you is egg on your face. Go back to the gutter you were bought from.

February 21, 2008 at 1:45 PM  
Blogger Swimming said...

If you would be so kind to perovide you name I will prove what I "know" right here on the comments of this blog. Good to see you are keeping tabs on Whale Oils site.

February 21, 2008 at 1:58 PM  

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