Saturday, February 02, 2008

People power set up mirror site

People power have a web site that is in a blog format. They are the group that attacked Prime Minister Helen Clark's Mt Albert Electorate office on the morning of her “State of the Nation” speech, in protest against the Electoral Finance Act, and in active opposition to suppression of freedom of expression by the Government of ordinary New Zealand citizens.

THe group now has a mirror site for the express and intent purpose of publically violating the Electoral Finance Act and its distinction between “blogs” and “websites. Blogs are within the law, but websites that campaign in election year are not. Andy Moore's dontvotelabour website (see sidebar) was shut down because he couldn't afford to take the case to court, but People Power claim that they will go all the way to court as a test case for the Electoral Finance Act.

Problem is, at the moment, the mirror site is also run like a blog. Well, its a mirror site, it would.

Why dont they run it like a website and then see what the Electoral Commission does?


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