Saturday, March 26, 2011

Will Judith Tizard be an MP again?

Now that Darren Hughes has gone, someone will have to replace him on Labour’s list. The next person on Labour’s list is Judith Tizard, whose most significant achievement in the 18 years she was an MP, was to serve as an MP for 18 years.

Tizard thinks that being a cabinet minister is an awful waste of a Monday. Instead she prefers to sit in the house and knit because "It keeps my hands from going numb and it helps me to concentrate on what's being said".

Phil Goff has said he has no problem with having Tizard back. Indeed, Tizard has said she is eager to get back into knitting politics.

Next on the list are Mark Burton, Mahara Okeroa, Martin Gallagher, Dave Hereora, Louisa Wall, and Lesley Soper. All were MPs until 2008 and most of them will not be on Labour’s list in 2011.

Perhaps this is why a senior Labour Party source, understood to be Andrew Little, is claiming that the next five people on Labour's list may not want to disrupt their lives to sit in the house for such a short time. Of those next on the list, Louisa Wall is the next who will be on the 2011 list.

In order for anyone other than Tizard to take Hughes’ place, Tizard will have to either relinquish her membership of Labour or state her unwillingness to be an MP according to the Electoral Act, or the election date will need to be brought forward to September, and 75% of Parliament agree not to supply a vacancy.

Update It's clear that Labour wants Louisa Wall to be the next MP. Is the list going to be whipped and told what to do, to get her in, now that the senior whip has gone.

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