Friday, October 17, 2008

Kelvin Davis - Labour party candidate going backwards

Kelvin Davis is the Labour Party candidate trying to pinch Hone Haraiwira's seat. He is 29th on the Labour list. He says he doesn't believe in slagging people off. But just this week - he attacks the Maori Party. He says the party needs his help as its education policy lacks substance, and will not make any difference to Maori.

He attacks National saying its education policy is a farce.

He attacks Rodney Hide on his position on the Maori seats - and rightly so - but incorrectly states the seats are a right as a Treaty partner when the seats have nothing to do with the Treaty. They seats are not a Treaty right, they were initiated by an Act of Parliament.

Davis want to help all Maori fulfill their true destiny as prescribed by the "Creator." Wonder if Helen Clark knows about this, she doesn't believe in a Creator.

Why would Davis put out so many media releases this week?

Simple. He is polling 26 percent, whereas Hone Hariwira is polling 69 percent. The gap is 17 percentage points more than the March poll. Not only that, the Maori Party is also leading the party vote as well.
update: Friday He's done another release. He should really start a blog.

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