Tuesday, January 15, 2008

six of the best?

A man was seen disciplining his child by a teacher who didnt like it. An off duty cop nearby reported it to the police. Six of the best? No, thats just the number of cops that turned up. And the parent got a warning on his file.

Meanwhile, a man took his son on a boat without a life jacket. He fell in the water and nearly drowned 2km from the boat he fell out of. His dad did not get a warning or a conviction. No cops turned up.

Perhaps that's because when a smacking case gets reported, all the cops in the relevant station say, " Wahoo lets go, a smacking; this will be in the news, and I wanna be there to get the heads up!"

So what does Sue Bradford have to say about the reported "flick"
This law is in place to protect children, which takes priority over inconveniencing adults. A flick on the ear can easily become a cuff around the head. Hitting a child around their ears can have serious ramifications for their hearing
.In other words, smacking a kid can easily turn out to be abuse - even if it isn`t abuse. Bradford made no mention of the six police officers, though. And given that there is a wide enough discrepancy between the witness and the parent's discription of the events for police to review the case, whose explanation of the events was the warning based on?




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