BIG NEWS: Election top fives

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Election top fives

Increase in Green’s party vote with some good new candidates
Peter Dunne winning Ohariu
Higher than expected Conservative vote – practically ensuring National did not get a majority
MMP being retained and reviewed
Government looks likely to be quickly formed

Not so good
James Shaw missing out as Green’s vote wasn’t high enough
NZ First getting back into parliament
68% turnout – worst voter turnout since the 1880s.
The cup of tea affecting the election result
Banks getting Epsom

The election night Labour and National tie in Christchurch Central
NZ First flatlining on 6.8 percent for the entire night
The Conservative Party more than doubling Act’s vote
34 percent of voters voting for change filling out referendum papers incorrectly
Green Party vote was nearly more than Labours in Wellington Central




Blogger Arthur Schenck said...

"34 percent of voters voting for change filling out referendum papers incorrectly"

We can't know that's the case because voters were told to vote Part B irrespective of how they voted in Part A. So, Part B was basically "whether or not you want to keep MMP, what system would you choose if there was to be a change?"

What I think happened is that many people who favour MMP deliberately cast an "informal" vote on Part B rather than vote for a system they didn't want. That's a perfectly rational thing to do, particularly because if MMP had lost, it would have given Parliament a reason to decide against a second referendum.

So, the huge number of informal votes on Part B may not be so weird, after all.

November 27, 2011 at 1:16 PM  

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