BIG NEWS: New video released tonight: Smacking parents get CYF’d and hauled before the Courts

Saturday, July 16, 2011

New video released tonight: Smacking parents get CYF’d and hauled before the Courts

The other week when I was at the Family First Forum, a video was screened that featured a few couples who have been hauled before the courts after being charged with assault after they smacked their kids.

The 30 minute video and associated website is embargoed until midnight tonight and as I have been given advance copies of both I`ll be blogging about them when the embargo has lifted, and will be embedding the video in full.

When I saw the video, it reduced some to tears at the unjust treatment given to smacking parents by authorities.

Some parents have had their kids taken away from them, others still haven’t had them returned. I spoke with one couple who are featured in the video and may blog about their story later, but the video also features legal counsel for one of the families – who so happens to be a Labour candidate for the 2011 election – and a lead juror who presided over a smacking case she considered should never have gone to trial.

The website also features an article in this Investigate magazine which casts doubt on the thoroughness of this Nigel Latta review on smacking.

Anyway, if you have or have had strong feelings or opinions on the section 59 smacking debate, you`ll want to watch this video, no matter what side of the debate you are on.

You`ll get your chance from midnight tonight, when I blog it. The video will either make you angry at the treatment given to these families or annoyed that the treatment has been exposed in video form for the very first time.




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