Friday, June 17, 2011

Labour’s work rate on youth rates

Labour has something to oppose. Last night the government signalled that it could re-instate youth rates for those up to aged 25.

That is because youth unemployment is around 18 per cent ( and more than 28 percent for young Maori) , and employers will be more likely to employ younger people if they could pay them less. That also means employers may be less likely to employ older people.

You’d think that Labour’s Darien Fenton would be putting out a media release immediately, or perhaps a blog post on Labour's blog Red Alert, opposing the announcement and perhaps commenting on how the government has not provided for job creation.

She is yet to do either and it’s already Friday afternoon.

Some opposition we have here.

Again it’s up to the Greens and the Unions to provide it. Now, if the Greens could dissect Eric Crampton’s arguments as to why youth rates are good idea, it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with.

Because while there are good arguments on both sides, Crampton's arguments appear more researched.




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