Thursday, May 12, 2011

In the DomPost today

First time I've done this - ran a letter published in the Dominion Post. But this one is a particularly good one

There he goes again. Labour MP Pete Hodgson has been trawling tirelessly through the murk to find a scandal or slur of some sort to pin on Prime Minister John Key - this time it's about a blowout in diplomatic protection squad expenses, being attributed by "trawler" Pete to Mr Key's growing ego.

Unfortunately, it was an own goal. Apparently, he didn't realise that the blowout arose from changes introduced during the last term of the previous Labour government, which are emerging progressively in this term. It's a bit scary that a former minister didn't understand what his own government put into effect only a few years ago.

However, it does reinforce why that generation of Labour politicians should never, ever be allowed near government again.

I guess Mr Hodgson has nothing better to do with his time. After all, he has signalled his retirement at the end of this year. Perhaps he could put himself, and us, out of further misery by advancing his retirement to May 27, thus avoiding another by-election, and doing something more constructive with his life.




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