Thursday, March 24, 2011

Darren Hughes and the unnamed 18 year old

It has been widely reported that MP Darren Hughes is the subject of a complaint by an 18-year old. What is not so widely reported, is who this man is. Here’s what we know from the media:

He is 18.
He went to a [deleted - as a half decent google search will assist in revealing this mans name ] high school.
He was a debater – and was at a debate the previous night at Victoria, where Darren Hughes was a participant.
He has an interest in politics – although not affiliated to a political party.
He now lives and goes to university in Wellington.
He was a youth MP for a Labour List MP in 2010. That MP was not Darren Hughes.

Now,[deleted] thanks to the media, it is not too hard to find out who this person is. I have been told of a few other relevant facts that have not been revealed in the media. Also, the the more people come out and say it's not them, the easier it is to narrow down possibilities.

I thought I'd update this post. While all of the above is in the public domain, there is also a recent case where a comedian has had his name suppressed after pleading guilty to an indecency charge.Apparently his guilty plea on a lesser charge was to reduce his sentence, after initially being charged with unlawful sexual connection.

Many think his name should not be suppressed. I agree if the revelation of his name would not identify the victim. But as certain details relating to the case have not been suppressed, later revelation of his name could identify the victim.

If the courts and the media were a little more careful about what facts should be revealed, perhaps this name suppression could have been interim, not permanent, and the name of the 18-year old may not have been so easy to find.

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