Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pansy Wong resigns from parliament after doing nothing wrong, apparently

Apparently former National Cabinet Minister Pansy Wong considers she has done nothing wrong in letting her husband fly around the world off the taxpayer. In resigning from Parliament, she has released a statement saying she “strongly refutes” all allegations of wrongdoing.

Problem is, she did no such thing. I doubt if she knows what the word “refute” means. It means to prove to be false. Wong has not proven the allegations against her to be false. Perhaps she is looking for the word “refudiate” – and she probably doesn’t know what that word means, either.

Wong’s resignation will take effect from Jan 17. The by-election will be on March 5.

Meanwhile, because she was unable to win a seat, and as an Asian, she was able to get into Parliament off the list in 1996, 1999, 2002 and 2005, obviously spending most of her career as a list MP before being selected for and winning the new (and safe) electorate of Botany at the last election, Pansy Wong and her husband still get 75% taxpayer travel subsidy for the rest of their lives. That will enable her to spend “more time with her family” ( here and overseas) as she and her husband jetset around the world compliments of the taxpayer.




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