Monday, December 06, 2010

Another speech from Goff

Phil Goff delivered another speech today. You can read it here. It is about the forgotten middle income New Zealand families, those who work hard but still feel they are going backwards.

Labour wants to tell the country it can assist them better than National can. Phil Goff knows what it takes to turn the current situation around. It wants to grow the economy, provide jobs and keep living standards down. Yep, that`ll do the trick.

How will Labour do this – well, Goff doesn't know.

Labour will increase our stake in our own financial future, assist us to protect our asset base, and welcome foreign investment. Marvellous. But HOW?

By expanding innovation (which is what Labour tried to do when in Government) and implement a “skills strategy”. Goff says Labour won’t be using power company dividends as a surrogate for taxation ( like it did when in Government).

I really wonder why Goff bothers delivering speeches. The first half of the speech is a moan about our current situation and the second half is a dream about how to resurrect the nanny state, instead of the economy. He may as well have repeated his last big speech.

If Goff can’t do better than this, Labour needs to be led by someone who can, or hire people to write speeches that actually resonate. If there’s nobody else, why should Labour win the next election?

National would never have written a speech like this in opposition for John Key to deliver.




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