Monday, November 15, 2010

Pacific Island leader called a "dumb ass coconut" by former Porirua deputy Mayor

TV3 has reported that Porirua's former Deputy Mayor has called Liz Tanielu a "dumb ass coconut" becuase she happens to be a pacific Island leader who supports Hekia Parata in the Mana By-election. Tanielu heads the Teaaomanino Trust,the biggest Pacific Island service provider in Mana. Ah Hoi has hated Hekai Parata for a long time, and now her vitrol is coming out in the wash as she spends her time campaigning for Kris Fa'afoi.

Tanielu said some positive things about Hekia Parata in the media lately. Ah Hoi didn't like it so she made the offending comments on the Porirua Proud Facebook page.

When the media inquired about the comments, Ah Hoi was forced to apologise. Sort of
I, Litea Ah Hoi, on behalf of Porirua Proud apologise for the term ‘dumb-ass coconut’ being used. And if people are offended by it, can I suggest you put it in a bubble and blow it away.
It's not the first( or second) time Ah Hoi has been in the media for her intemperate language. She's the Porirua City Council equivalent of Hone Harawira.

Anyone know why the website for Porirua Proud is temporarily suspended? Is it because AH Hoi doent want you to see this
Hey people...Is Henry a PI or is he a kumara? What a jerk!!! Go Kris Fa'afoi!!!
This was written by Ah Hoi about a youth mentor from Partners Porirua, a not-for-profit organisation set up to promote and facilitate closer working relationships between the business and education sectors - and supported by Ah Hoi's Council.

update There's the full interview of Litea Ah Hoi wihich makes referene to the Kumara quote also.

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