Friday, November 26, 2010

Anyone got any info on this?

If a person is getting ACC, and ACC decided that, as that person could work 30 hours a week they were no longer entitled to ACC, they’d be removed from the scheme.

So what if that person gets assessed by Work and Income as not being fit for work for 15 hours a week . He is eligible for the Invalids Benefit. The person goes on the Invalids benefit, and because WINZ has said he can’t work, he appeals the ACC decision that says he could ( at least, appeals the decision regarding accident related injuries. But he loses, because ACC’s doctors say he can work 30 hours a week, even though WINZ doctors say he can’t.

And what does this say about the ACC review process? The problem is that it is pretty hard to get information on these transfers as ACC has no details on what their former claimants end up, and WINZ have few details on where their Invalids beneficiaries were prior to going on an Invalids Benefit. This could be because many are initially transferred to the Invalids Benefit from the Sickness Benefit with no reference to having recently come off ACC.

I wonder how many people have been in this situation during the past five years? And how many are now being quickly transferred to Sickness Benefits to get assessed for part time work?

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