Thursday, October 28, 2010


Standing order 54
(1) A Minister may move, without notice, a motion to accord urgency for certain business
(2) A motion for urgency must not be moved until completion of general business
(3) There is no amendment or debate on the question, but the Minister must, on moving the motion, inform the House with some particularity why the motion is being moved.

The House has gone into urgency today. Why?
Leader of the House Gerry Brownlee then moved that the House should go into Urgency for two bills. One on employment laws issues relating to the film industry and the second on a "legal" matter.
Mr Brownlee said the need for Urgency on the second item would be apparent once the bill was introduced
What is this "legal" matter? How is that informing the House with some particularity as to why the motion has been moved to go to urgency on the second bill?




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