Sunday, October 17, 2010

Labour Party conference: Goff has a game plan – but won’t tell us what it is

Occasionally, on Big News we like to praise both Labour, and National. Both parties have done great things in previous years –and both parties have done terrible things.

Phil Goff wants to do great things. But he needs to tell us how he wants to go about it. In his speech at the Labour Party conference, he did the former, but not the latter. He said
John Key has no game plan for our cities and our farms so that we can compete and win in the global economy.

I do.
In business, game plans are only effective if the CEO is a leader. If Goff wants the country to believe him, he is going to have to lead, and state what that game plan is, otherwise voters will conclude that he does not have a game plan – but a dream.
National won’t bring unemployment down. But Labour did.
I’d like to know how Labour is going to bring unemployment down to record lows, without pushing the sickness benefit up to record highs.
We will work with people who keep ownership and jobs onshore in New Zealand rather than exporting jobs overseas.
I’d like to know how Labour will work with people before they export jobs overseas, not just those who want to keep jobs onshore.
Labour is fighting to put government back on the side of hardworking New Zealanders, so that we don’t have two New Zealands any more.
We must be the party of "We can do this."
How about being the party of 'We will do this'?

Or don’t you know how, just yet?

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