Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chris Carter admits he wasn't sick after all

Chris Carter appeared on The Nation today. He admitted he wasn’t sick when he took sick leave – at least, and I quote, “no more than normal”. He was asked who should lead the Labour Party to victory. I think I know who he’d like to lead Labour in the 2011 election, She’s not even in the country because she couldn’t win the last election, but Carter believes the one they’ve got can’t win the next election either. And he hates Goff and won’t be loyal to him, not because of his leadership skills, but because, quote, “he hung me out to dry over travel”.

So he is bitter. Bitter because he was demoted because of the furore over his excessive travel.

Carter wants to be a journalist. But he admits he annoys journalists on purpose. He’d make a useless journalist – he’d get stressed too much and miss deadlines. Perhaps he could get a job as Paul Henry’s co-host.[ update well, perhaps not, given his resignation this afternoon] That`ll lift the ratings and lead to another Broadcasting Standards Authority complaint along the lines of this one



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