Thursday, September 16, 2010

Musical chairs at ACT

Well, what an extraordinary few days it has been for ACT.

ACT Whip David Garrett has his second strike in a week after outing his misdemeanors in Parliament yesterday, thus causing the media to breach permanent name suppression by reporting his entire speech. His media secretary used to work for Heather Roy but now works for John Boscawen because Boscawen's secretary now works for Rodney Hide. That's because Hide apparently fired had his press secretary walk out of his job, and is probably "pursuing other interests". His new one started yesterday - and actually wrote a media release - but still works for Roger Douglas.

Douglas is probably wondering where she is these days.

There is a rumour going round that Heather Roy had something to do with publicising the David Garrett misdemeanors. Not sure what discussions Garrett's press secretary has had with Roy's press secretary. Probably none as they appear to be one and the same person - the one who now works for John Boscawen. At least I think that's right. Probably too busy to talk to himself. Too busy with David Garrett.

John Key now has twice the number of press secretaries that ACT has. The only ACT chair that needs to be filled is that of David Garrett. He really needs to be replaced by Hilary Calvert, who is next on the ACT list. Initially, some thought Calvert would replace Heather Roy when she was demoted after her Ministerial Advisor, and close family friend, leaked a caucus document and was fired. But Calvert likes Roy and didn't want to replace her. Hide doesn't like Roy so much, and may have wanted her replaced - but not with Calvert. Its the Judith Tizard factor. So Hide would want to keep Garrett on so he can still be leader because if Calvert became an MP, Calvert, Douglas and Roy would vote him out.

But John Boscawen would make a good leader of ACT - he'd even get his old press secretary back, assuming she stays with the leader's office. Wonder who would be deputy, perhaps, um, Heather Roy? She`d get her old job and her old press secretary back. The one that referred to her as a f***in' insensitive ignorant bitch. Instead of being spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Veteran’s Affairs, she'd be minister of Consumer Affairs. And ACT will be the only parliamentary party to have an elected MP along with a leader and deputy who are both list MPs.

Why didn't they just replace Hide with Boscawen? Then ACT wouldn't have had to fire anyone, and they'd have an extra press secretary. And Boscawen could stand for Epsom again in 2011, and if he wins Hide could be in off the list.



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