Friday, July 23, 2010

No parliamentary support for abortion law change

Steve Chadwick has confirmed via e-mail to two separate people concerned about her bill to legalise abortion – including a worker in the medical profession whom she appears to know - that there is currently no parliamentary support for her bill.[ update: and it appears the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand have recently found out]

I have seen some of the e-mails. Chadwick apparently wanted to start raising awareness and have abortion raised as both a human rights issue, and a women's health issue. But she hasn’t said why it she thinks it is a women’s health issue – and it is a topic politicians are loathe to touch.

In an earlier e-mail, Chadwick said:
I do not want abortion on demand, that was the Herald headline, not mine. I believe we will have succeeded when all children are wanted children because women are educated to make decisions on their fertility and love their children as they deserve to be love
The health worker responded:
The far better course of action is to love and respect both the woman and her child and to help the mother make decisions that respect the life of both. If we do not respect the life of babies before birth how can we be judgemental about those who ill treat children after birth? I believe humans should be loved and respected from conception until natural death. I fail to see how having an abortion helps women to "love their children as they deserve to be loved". Or are they literally loving them to death? And if death is considered a "loving" option for "unwanted" children before birth, isn't it inconsistent to condemn people who "choose" to kill their babies after birth?

You can safely respect my views because I am not in a position of power. You however are in a position of power so it is up to those of us who think your proposed bill will cause even more babies to die before birth, and cause physical and psychological damage to the mothers, to make our views known.
Chadwick then replied:
Thanks xxxx,
You are actually in a position of power called "people power"
There is no parliamentary support for my Bill
Chadwick was in contact with another member of the public as well, who she called a “ fabulous parent”.
You are a fabulous parent and this is a reasoned and compassionate response
There appears to be a lack of parliamentary support for my bill at this stage
I am a midwife and would never pressure parents, nether did any Obstetrician I worked with in NZ for thirty years
Steve [Chadwick]
I think the politics behind this bill are ill-informed. Getting parliamentary support for a controversial bill is hard work. Sue Bradford found that out with her smacking legislation – but she had the support of her entire party and the Prime Minister right from the outset.

Chadwick doesn’t. Neither did Gerry Brownlee on mining conservation land. So it won't be put in the ballot anytime soon.
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