Thursday, July 22, 2010

Massey University students given 30 minutes warning to enrol for summer school

*** Breaking news***
At 4.25pm today, Massey University domestic students were given 30 minutes notice to enrol for summer semester papers. That is because at the end of the semester two enrolment period, the University has exceeded its TEC funding cap for the 2010 year, and because of continued enrolment pressures no further domestic student enrolments can be accepted.

(Actually that's not exactly correct, students weren't even advised, just Massey staff, by email).

Students already enroled in summer school offerings will still be allowed to study. But if not enough students have enroled for their papers, because they thought they had til November to enrol, some papers will be canned and Colleges may redirect students to a suitable alternative. That`ll be hard if the paper is a core paper needed to pass a degree.

New students intending to study at Massey next year must enrol by December 8. Current domestic students have until January 19, which is a lot earlier than the 28 February it used to be.

So, if you were hoping to enrol for summer school at Massey, you can't. And if are a student at school and intend to study at Massey next year, you`ll have to enrol before exams. If you lose your job and subsequently decide to go studying at Massey, you better hope you lose your job well before December 8.

UpdateThe DomPost has a front page story on this, now - and TVNZ has also picked this up.




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