Friday, May 07, 2010

Election coverage

Here's live election coverage Have taken the coverage down as it it has now finished.
update( 12:30am As far as the results go , if overall percentages equated to seats, Conservatives would have 235, Labour 189 and Lib Dems 149. Instead the tally is Conservative, 298 (with 36.2% of vote), Labour 253( 29.2%), and Lib Dems 54( 22.9%). Labour has less than 7% more votes than the Lib Dems but nearly 500% more seats.

Greens got 200k votes and 1 seat. Lib Dems 112k votes per seat. Conservatives 34k per seat. If the Sex Pistols were still around they`d be writing a song called "MMP for the UK".

And...if the Conservatives and Lib Dems form a coalition, the UK will be a Con Dem Nation!

Final results later.




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