Saturday, February 27, 2010

Students who fail courses

A NZ Herald story headed Students who fail could lose their loans doesn't tell the full story. If students fail half their courses they could lose their loans.Student allowances are chopped if students failed more than half of their courses in the previous year, but there is no requirement to pass courses to keep getting student loans. Perhaps the government wants to introduce some requirements even though some students are enrolled for tertiary education because they can't get a job. They`ll pull out of their course if they get one, though.

Some workers may well take on some papers internally while working. If they get a transfer, they have to pull out.

As for extramural students, many of whom are are not studying full time, the government appears to want to discourage them from studying unless they are an effective full time student.Some may have to enroll (and pay) in January for summer school just to be sure of a place, as if you enroll late or pay your fees late, you may be excluded.

These days, some students who gets offered a good job will pull out of uni. That's what you get when you have many students who are studying because they can't find work, and a government who can't provide the climate to create jobs for these students. These students aren't failures, they simply drop out. The rest graduate, go on the dole, and those that don't subsequently get work wonder when they can apply for jobs at the new "job creation" cycleway.




Blogger Life4able said...

i think , i student may be previous of government

that's make be sure..

Students who fail courses !!

March 6, 2010 at 7:23 PM  

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