Thursday, November 12, 2009

Harawira set to leave the Maori Party?

Maori Party president Whatarangi Winiata has proposed embattled Te Tai Tokerau MP Hone Harawira leave the Maori Party and become an independent MP..

This proposal was made at todays hui. Mainstream media outlets were barred from the hui.TVNZ's Te Karere and Maori TV's Te Kaea were granted entry, but only because it was felt they would cover proceedings with a positive slant and the Maori Party had reservations about the coverage they would get from the major news organisations.

Harawira's response: "It's the silliest idea I've heard. He wants to stay. They should kick him out now. It is a decision that was needed, not a proposal.

"Hone has said a number of times that he does not give a toss what anyone thinks except the people of Te Taitokerau, and his behaviour over the past couple of weeks has underlined that position," said Party President Professor Whatarangi Winiata.

"If Hone believes he is not accountable to the Maori Party or its leadership, or the Party caucus in Parliament, then clearly he has placed himself outside the party," said Professor Winiata.

"We require our MPs to work as a team, and Hone clearly has difficulty with this, given his words and deeds, which have had a devastating effect on his colleagues and the party as a whole.

"This situation will cause upset and anxiety for Maori Party supporters in Te Tai Tokerau, who may feel their loyalties to the party and their MP are now conflicted. We assure them that the Party will maintain a presence in the electorate,and we will be in contact in due course.

There was heated discussion at the hui, which wants to wait two weeks before deciding Harawira's fate. They should kick him out now, not wait two weeks. They've had the hui. Harawira will never be known for his achievements, but his foul language and his distaste for rules. But although it is looking likely that Harawira will stay with the party unless he is removed, it can well do without him.

The Human Rights Commission has now received 675 complaints and expressions of concern about Hone Harawira.

Pita Sharples has said he can't see how the caucus can work together with Harawira. What to do?

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Blogger paul scott said...

go on go,
we want you out of here,
we want you out of our Parliament,
you are an abuse of our Nation,
our New Zealand,
leave now for hawaia
go away Harawira

November 12, 2009 at 6:42 PM  

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