Monday, August 10, 2009

Still needs help

A little girl saw her mum smacking her sister. She was only nine. She called 111. She felt like she needed some adult help.

Her parents don't recall that event. But they were dragged onto nationwide television by that daughter to state that to the nation. Now this daughter has dragged her own daughter into the issue. She is on the posters at Barnardos.

This woman wouldn't be the Barnardos staff member who authorised a letter to staff to say they must vote 'Yes' and are not allowed to vote 'No' in the current referendum on smacking? Surely not.

The woman is Deborah Morris-Travers, of The Yes Vote and has an agenda.

Who would have ever thought?

Morris Travers said her sister left home at 15, had a child at 17 and her mental health was " never good". She got clinical depression and committed suicide at age 35.

And Morris-Travers thinks there is a link between her sister getting smacked and killing herself. She said if her sister was not smacked it is possible she would not have killed herself. Her parents disagree. But Morris-Travers also got smacked. By the same parents. So how come she, as a former MP as well, is still alive?

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Blogger Chuck Bird said...

I bet if Ms Morris-Travers’ parents had not publicly apologised for smacking her and her siblings and agreeing to vote yes they would have difficulty seeing their grandchildren.

I found her attitude towards her parents disgusting – and she thinks she has the right to judge hundreds of thousands of good parents.

The following tells how Ms Morris-Travers thinks children should be brought up. I quote from Radio NZ

Minister of Youth Affairs Deborah Morris is wanting condoms freely available in schools for children…far too many people are risking ‘unsafe’ sex.. She says people who are not ready for sex should not be encouraged into it, but many young people have thought it through and made their choice already.

“They need to be supported; they need to have access to everything they need, to make sure they are both physically and emotionally safe if they do engage in sexual activity. So it’s an acknowledgement of what’s going on…Young people who have already decided to have sex should be respected in their decision.”

The issue is not about smacking but about who makes decision relating to children – their parents or the State.

August 12, 2009 at 11:22 AM  
Blogger ZenTiger said...

Young people who have already decided to have sex should be respected in their decision.”

That's often what the 30 year old says when discussing his relationship with a 13 year old. It was their decision, we should respect it.

August 13, 2009 at 10:53 PM  

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