Monday, August 10, 2009

Carter plays the gay card

The Herald notes that Chris Carter thinks he has been unfairly treated by the media over travel expenses because he is gay.

Why didn't Edward Gay write the story? He was already on the case.

Carter's spending was twice as much as the average Labour cabinet minister, included $83,000 on international travel, $83,000 travelling in limos, taxis and rental cars, $23,000 on domestic air fares and about $20,000 on accommodation. That was after he stopped being the minister

He was the education minister - now he is the opposition spokesperson for overseas travel.

Lets look at some other facts.
He has also been cautioned by colleagues over recent years to cut down on his overseas travel.

He is the only opposition MP to have spent more than $80,000 taking his spouse on international travel and he hasn't even got a spouse.

He defended his costs by focusing only on trips he took as a minister. He is not a minister now but is still a high spender.

Carter want to China -but as WhaleOil notes, went via Bangkok. We all know that one night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble.

Carter's partner is a school principal. Did Carter plan his trips around the school holidays so his partner could go - and for longer?

Some of the people he met this year are detailed on his website. Top of his UK list was Ben Bradshaw. He's a good friend of Carter's.He's gay and in a civil partnership too.Is that why they met? What are the saunas like in the the UK?




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