Friday, July 24, 2009

White Lies: Not a bad band

Driving back from Palmy a few hours ago I was listing to NatRad and they had a special on a London band that sound's like a cross between Joy Division and The Editors, with a bit of OMD, Cure etc. They are playing at a K Road venue in Auckland next Saturday.

The band is White Lies. Nice bass, nice drums, nice band. Here's their single called To Lose My Life. About 100 new bands form in London every day. This is one of the better ones. Have a listen. Here's another of their songs. Don't take the lyrics too seriously.

Oh, and on the subject of good music, to cheer you up after listening to White Lies, make sure you download Coldplay's latest album Left Right Left Right Left because it is the best album of the year to date.




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