Thursday, June 04, 2009

Every university graduate has a laptop: Bill English

I don't know about you, but Bill English thinks anyone should be able to pay off their student loan anywhere in the world because they can do internet banking via their laptop.
For any other service you just go on your laptop and they've got their pirated movies, and they've got their music downloads and they've got their email from mum.
"It's all there - so why aren't their student loans there? Then they'd repay them
I'm a graduate - although currently studying because English et al have no jobs policies for people like me - and I haven't got a laptop. My computer screen is borrowed and the computer is a second hand one off Trade Me for $400 that replaced one I borrowed that had a 3G hard drive. Yes you read it correctly. Three gig.Before that I had a 286. I do have a bank overdraft though. But no pirated movies on my hard drive. Mum has never sent an e-mail in her life.

Perhaps if English got his government to hurry up with their lump sum student loan payment legislation we'd pay off our student loans faster. It would also help if English acknowledged that as well as student loans, many students who do have laptops have have bank overdrafts to pay back because they had to get a loan for expenses - including, perhaps, a laptop. But, for many graduates, the credit card debt has to be paid off first so as to save up for a deposit on a house.

If English wants to give me a laptop, I`ll pay off $300 of my student loan next week. With some money left in my bank overdraft, provided there is still some there that is not spent on paying bills.




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