Tuesday, May 05, 2009

McDonalds hope to feed the increasing unemployed

McDonalds is to create 6000 jobs by adding 30 new outlets. Before you ask why each McDonalds needs 200 staff members, it looks like some of the current outlets are to be upgraded as well.

I hope we don't get another one in our town, we already have three two in the same street. No doubt WINZ will be asked to fill most of these jobs.

This means that some people who are made redundant can work for McDonalds and the rest can spend their benefit money on Thursdays by going to, ummm, McDonalds.

Next they'll be having "happy hours" between 12-2pm on benefit days.

If the unemployed had any sense they'd avoid McDonalds and learn how to grow vegetables and to cook with them.

update just been informed by a reader who works at one of the local McDonalds that we are going to get another one. Wonder if it will be near the WINZ office?




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