Thursday, May 28, 2009

Maori Party says it did well in the budget

The Maori Party said it has secured $120.3 million over the next four years specifically for Maori initiatives in today’s Budget. It didn't say it has gained no new money for Maori Affairs.

The party has identified that real benefits and opportunities will exist for iwi and Maori groups in another $10.9 billion that has been allocated to various areas within the Budget over the next four years.
In addition the Party has secured:
An extra $22.2 million spent on reducing the time it takes to
settle Treaty claims.

An extra $19.9 million being allocated over the next four years to address underachievement by mainstream secondary schools in educating Maori.

$15.9 million over the next two years to settle outstanding Treaty settlements over aquaculture.

$12 million of new money being allocated over the next two years for housing in rural areas where there are significant numbers of Maori.

$4.5 million to help Maori families access te reo Maori and an extra $1.2 million to help iwi radio.

It's reallocation.

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