Saturday, May 09, 2009

Loan sharks and lawmaking at a snails pace

Yesterday, Labour's numpty list MP Charles Chauvel put out a request for people who are affected by loan sharks to email him at his Johnsonville electorate address saying he was "intending to put a members bill into the ballot that would regulate loan sharks in this country".

It's been a rather long intention as it was announced last year that Chauvel had drawn up the bill to regulate loan sharks.Labour didn't want to adopt the bill as a government bill.

But why did it take Chauvel eight months after the bill was drafted to finally put out the request for stories from people affected by loan sharks? And why ask for emails to his electorate address when it is not a local issue? He hasn't even put the bill in the ballot. Thank God he's not a constituent MP. At this rate the bill will be put in the ballot about 2011.

But really, the biggest problem is the Labour Govt was the biggest loan shark over the past few years. Labour bribed tens of thousands of vulnerable young students with so called interest free loans which of course have now come back to bite former students who are now crippled with debt. It has taken Chauvel since October last year to ask for stories about loan sharks for a long since drafted bill that he hasn't even put in the ballot.

There's plenty of former students in Young Labour who he could call on to give him some stories about "loan sharks".




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