Saturday, May 09, 2009

Kapiti Coast District Council bans nudity on the beach

I find it a bit of a laugh that the Kapiti Coast District Council has banned nudity on the beach. The beach bylaw states, thanks to Councillor Tony Jack, that “no person shall remain upon any part of the beach in deliberate view of others in such a state of undress as to cause offence.”

Right. But they can do it anywhere else, at the railway station, at the shopping mall and on the street - even in the water at the beach. Apparently the bylaw has now been passed. But the statement does not specify any point of action and therefore can not be upheld as the concept of offence is subjective and the interpretation of that may not be known to the offender. But if I see an obese man walking along a Kapiti beach in speedos, with his stomach hanging out, I'll be calling the cops.




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