Sunday, May 24, 2009

HoS journalist goes after another celebrity and doesn't quite pull it off

After the Christine Rankin and toffee pop stories Carolyne Meng-Yee wrote last week, I was wondering which celebrity she'd go after this week. This week's one is Mike King.
Mike King’s manager sought thousands of dollars from the Pork Board after the comedian was dropped from its television campaign - and after King had been alerted to pig-farming concerns.

King says he knows nothing about his manager's request for compensation. But the Pork Board is now going on the front foot against its former frontman, claiming that it had previously discussed pig-farming issues with him.King denies this.

Former Pork Board chief executive Angus Davidson - the man in charge when King was hired - believed publicity about pig-farming was "unavoidable" over the past few years. He believed he had discussed the subject with King.
Meng-Yee was probably hoping like hell he could prove he had done so, then she could go in with the kill with a story headed "Dumped King sought thousands from Pork Board". The report provided no criticism of the Pork Board, of course.

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